The mission of this department is to promote the health and safety of the citizens by ensuring that all applicable electrical, plumbing, and general construction codes are being met, and that codes setting standards for various nuisances such as trash, junk, litter, weeks, and junk cars are being enforced. This department also administers the health codes and inspects the public food service industry for sanitation.

The Building Official enforces compliance with the City codes through issuance of various permits, and through actual inspection of building sites. Additionally, the Building Official and the Code Enforcement Officer promote the abatement of substandard buildings and structures as weel as the abatement of other health and welfare nuisances.

The Building Inspections/Code Enforcement Department funds 2 positions: 1 full-time Building Official/Inspector, and 1 full-time Code Enforcement Officer. Supervision for this deparment is by the City Manager.

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